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"Hip Wah is a place where you can make some of the best friends while learning about Chinese culture. It has been the highlight of my summer for many years." - former camper


"My daughter came home from her first days at Hip Wah telling me she wanted to be an aide some day. The teachers are amazing, the aides are so caring, and she has learned so much about Chinese culture each year. Our experience with Hip Wah has been excellent!" - parent


“We are not of Asian descent but one of the great things about living in the Bay Area is being able to immerse my sons in a different culture. They come home knowing a lot and singing Chinese songs. It’s amazing that a 6-year-old can come home and sing a song for three minutes in Chinese.” - parent


“My girls are always excited, they come home every day and tell me what they did." - parent


“We go on a lot of field trips that show Chinese in society and their influence in the workplace. It plants a seed for their future growth to see Chinese Americans making a difference.” - Hip Wah 3 teacher


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