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Hip Wah 3


This program is designed for children entering the 7th grade; however, because camp was canceled in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, this group currently includes children entering the 8th grade.


Hip Wah 3 is a smaller class and requires an application process for admission. Students who have completed both Hip Wah 2 and at least one year of Hip Wah for elementary school students are eligible to apply.


Hip Wah 3 students continue to explore the Chinese-American experience in today’s society. This exploration takes them away from the site location on most days as they visit Chinese-Americans in the workplace. In recent years, students have visited and interviewed professionals at local news stations, fire stations, court houses, and technology firms. 


And in the spirit of building community, Hip Wah 3 students also perform volunteer work. In recent years, they have volunteered as tutors for students at Franklin Elementary School's summer school program.


Hip Wah 3 students can continue to enroll in the optional supplemental instrumental music and Mandarin classes that run Monday through Thursday after the core camp day. Registration for the supplemental classes is on a first-come, first-serve space availability basis and requires concurrent enrollment in Extended Care. The supplemental classes do fill, so we ask that you register your child only if he or she can stay for the full hour.

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