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Parent Participation

Hip Wah depends on the families of campers to make the program a success each year. While Hip Wah is not a co-op, the involvement of parents helps ensure the program runs smoothly and helps build the sense of community that we want our children to model. Please be sure to complete a parent participation activity for each child enrolled. A parent participation fee is assessed if the parent is unable to fulfill the parent participation duties.

The following is a sample task list of parental participation opportunities (responsibilities may be for only a portion of an event; other related tasks may be assigned):

1. Orientation

  • Bring refreshments

  • Label, organize, and distribute camp t-shirts and packets

  • Set up chairs and tables

  • Clean-up

2. Camp Set-Up (generally begins early on Orientation day)

  • Transport Hip Wah supplies from storage to school site

  • Clean classrooms as necessary

  • Assist teachers in arranging classroom tables and chairs

  • Label classrooms

  • Move boxes to the teachers' classrooms

3. Open House

  • Set up tables for Open House

  • Staff food tables (serve and replenish food)

  • Staff fundraising tables 

  • Bring canopy tents

  • Clean-up

4. Music Festival

  • Set-up

  • Staff fundraising or refreshment tables

  • Clean-up

  • Transport Hip Wah instruments from the school site to the Music Festival

  • Transport Hip Wah instruments from the Music Festival to storage

5. Camp Clean-Up (generally on the final Friday afternoon of camp)

  • Pack Hip Wah supplies and move boxes to a pick-up location at the school site

  • Restore classrooms and kitchen to original condition

  • Transport Hip Wah supplies from school site to storage

6. Fundraising Committee

  • If a raffle/silent auction is being held, help solicit and package items 

  • If a silent auction is being held, help staff silent auction tables

  • If a raffle is being held, coordinate raffle ticket sales and camper prizes for top sellers

  • Produce fundraising outreach materials, e.g. letters, flyers

  • Support grant writing requests

7. Field Trip Driver

  • Provide transportation for one, and occasionally for two, round trips

  • Drivers must complete field trip driver form and provide copies of current driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and evidence of a clean DMV driving record (can be obtained online; must be a DMV record within the last 90 days).

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