Parent Participation

Hip Wah depends on the families of campers to make the program a success each year. While Hip Wah is not a co-op, the involvement of parents helps ensure the program runs smoothly and helps build the sense of community that we want our children to model. Please be sure to complete a parent participation activity for each child enrolled. A parent participation fee is assessed if the parent is unable to fulfill the parent participation duties.

Activities needing parent participation include:  orientation meeting, camp set-up, transportation of stored supplies, fundraising events, camp break-down and clean-up, serving on a committee, etc.  


The following is a sample task list of parental participation opportunities (responsibilities may be for only a portion of an event; other related tasks may be assigned):

1. Orientation

Bring refreshments

Label, organize, and distribute camp t-shirts and packets

Set up chairs and tables


2. Camp Set-Up (generally begins early on Orientation day)

Transport Hip Wah supplies from storage to school site
Clean classrooms as necessary
Cover classroom, extended care room, and office shelves so they will not be accessible

Assist teachers in arranging classrooms

Re-arrange furniture to teachers’ specifications
Label classrooms
Set-up library

3. Open House
Set up tables for Open House
Staff food tables (serve and replenish food)
Staff Raffle Ticket and other fundraising tables 

4. Music Festival

Staff fundraising or refreshment tables


Transport Hip Wah instruments from the school site to the Music Festival

Transport Hip Wah instruments from the Music Festival to storage

5. Camp Clean-Up (generally on the final Friday afternoon of camp)

Pack up Hip Wah supplies
Restore classrooms to original condition

Transport Hip Wah supplies from school site to storage

6. Room Parent

Serve as Room Parent to the class

Assist the teacher in sending email communications, possibly organizing volunteers to help with cooking, field trip driving, fundraising, and other needs specified by the teacher

7. Photographers/Videographers

Take photos and organize them for the photo sharing site
Take class pictures

Take videos at the Music Festival and organize them for the sharing site

8. Fundraising Committee

Solicit items for raffle/silent auction
Package items for raffle/silent auction

Staff silent auction tables

Coordinate raffle ticket sales

Coordinate children’s prizes for top sellers

Produce fundraising outreach materials, e.g. letters, flyers

9. Field Trip Driver

Provide transportation for up to two (2) round trips
Drivers must complete field trip driver form and provide copies of current driver’s license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and DMV driving record (can be obtained online; must be a DMV record within the last 90 days).