Meet Our Team


Site Director



Classroom Teachers

Experience and dedication are key! Our classrooms are led by credentialed teachers passionate about giving children this Chinese experience. During the school year, they teach at schools throughout the East Bay. Their experience is evident on the first day of camp in how skillfully they orient the children, new and returning, to the summer program. Most of our teachers return year after year.


Specialized Instructors

We also have specialized instructors teaching brush painting, choral and instrumental music, Mandarin language, and martial arts or lion dancing during the core camp hours. In addition, after the core camp hours, supplemental Mandarin language and Chinese instrumental music classes are offered. Supplemental Mandarin language classes are open to all grades, and supplemental Chinese instrumental music classes are open to entering 4th graders through Hip Wah 3.   


Camp Aides and Site Assistants

They come from the Hip Wah summer program! Children who complete Hip Wah 3 are eligible to apply for a position as a Camp Aide. The Camp Aides are enthusiastic in sharing their past Hip Wah experience with our young campers. Camp Aides are assigned to the classrooms and the office. Camp Aides assist the teachers and the students during class time, accompany students traveling to and from classrooms, and join them for recess and lunch. Campers develop a special bond with their aides, and many strive to become aides themselves! The Site Assistants support the Site Director, and they are also former Hip Wah students. Site Assistants are generally entering or current college students.


Extended Care

Our Extended Care director and his team are ready to watch your children before and after camp. They’ll be ready with games, arts and crafts, outdoor play and afternoon snacks.